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FAQ: Am I doing this PromoteIQ thing right?

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed how PromoteIQ could pave the way to more sales, higher reach, and more awareness for your products. While the last blog has been very technical, we understand that you might have a few questions you need answers. We tracked down the most frequently asked questions and listed them down with answers from a subject expert so that you can come back anytime and have a look. Here are some FAQs to clear your doubts!

Q1: Can you track a customer that clicks one of your promoted products but does not buy, however returns later to buy?

A1: Yes of course. However, you can only track them within 28 days, provided they use the same device to log back in.

Q2: How can you change the range of dates in your reports?

A2: There is a field called ‘Report Period’, when you click on the arrow next to that field, there will be a default as ‘Previous 7 Days’. You can change it to previous 30 days or custom range based on your need.

Q3: If you were on a minimal budget, say $500, what kind of duration should I run my campaign? Is it a week? Or more?

A3: We recommend you use your best judgements and consider the category you promote your products. Is it a category with a lot of visibility and more traffic? For an example ‘Appliances.’ Then consider running the campaign for about a week. If it’s a less popular category, you can run the campaign for longer. The lesser your campaign duration is; however, you will not be able to see accurate insights within that short period of time.

Q4: Can I run a two-week campaign with two IDs? Can I pause one in the middle?

A4: Yes, you can. The benefit of PromoteIQ is it offers high flexibility. Based on your objective, you can choose to have any number of IDs as you prefer.

Q5: If I do not have necessary knowledge and if I am just getting started, how can I resolve my doubts?

A5: You can email homedepot@promoteiq.com and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q6: When a customer returns to buy an item, will he/she see the same item or the same product with a different ID? In the sales report can I identify this?

A6: In the Sales Report, you will be able to download all products you will promote. However, it does not provide you the date someone has clicked, but the date of the order confirmation. If it is an item different from one you promoted, the name and product SKU will be different. You can add ‘Interacted SKU’ for your preferences to track what product customer clicked and what item they ultimately purchased.

Q7: How do you pull the ‘Interacted SKU’?

A7: When you go to the reports page, you can select ‘Sales Report’ from ‘Presets’ column. There is a filed called available columns and you can search the ‘Interacted SKU’ and add or move it up and down the report.

Q8: Will we see any other strategies in the coming quarter?

A8: We’re working on a lot of developments and more features. We will notify you soon!

Q9: Can you still be successful with a smaller budget?

A9: Yes. You must pay more attention and research and refine your product selection to ensure your budget is being utilized more effectively. Selecting your best performing products to be promoted is one of the best ways to increase sales. If your objective is to gain more visibility, you can promote the most popular products too. Your ROAS would be a bit lower in this case, but your impressions will be higher.

Q10: I set the duration of a campaign for 30 days for reporting purposes. If I stop the campaign earlier, will there be any negative impacts?

A10: There isn’t. A lot of users set the budget according to their income, and their reporting purposes. Your campaign will utilize the budget during the time you have set and will give you the best possible outcome no matter when you decide to stop it.

Q11: Is the platform best for price of the products, or for awareness/visibility?

A11: The platform does not allow you to change prices, however it is a great way to display your products on the site for a lot of shoppers to see, particularly when the buyer is looking at similar items in the same category. So, you could say there is a great deal of awareness, and visibility for your products. It is an opportunity for you to bring your products to the first page of search results for a category. Adding your products to the cart/ checkout page could however bring you more sales than awareness by encouraging customers to purchase your item along with their existing cart items.

Q12: How do you get started with Promote IQ?

A12: Please email a campaign commitment forum to homedepot@promoteiq.com to get registered and run a campaign. If you have already emailed and did not receive a response, you can check again by writing to the same email.

Q13: Is it possible to bid on search terms?

A13: For now, you will only be able to bid on categorical level, your products will be placed on the product categories listed in the site. We’re currently discussing the bidding on search terms, so hopefully in the future we will be able to bring that option for you.

Q14: Can you select what stores you can sell your products on in case some store does not have stocks?

A14: The products will automatically show up in stores that only have a stock of the product, which is a great feature. If the store does not have the item, shoppers will not see a listing of the item in that store.

These are a few questions we chose from many questions we were asked, all general but doubtful areas of the PromoteIQ platform. You can simply shoot any other questions toward the support team with the given email, there is also a live chat and many agents waiting to help you out. We hope these information helps you get started and run Promote IQ to scale your business and gain more sales and visibility with a minimum effort. We will continue to bring more insights on the platform and notify you of the latest features, updates, and news. Stay tuned!


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