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We discovered a need in the market for solutions linked to organizational improvement in 2018. Sure, there were others on the market with their own set of products and services, but we believed that those products and services didn’t truly meet a need or solve an issue. The already existing products and services arrived at exorbitant prices for very little in the way of practical business solutions. VEZOLVE, the primary go-to and one-stop shop for all your business platform and service needs, was launched in 2019. We decided to introduce low-cost solutions that pinpoint each and every problem that one can have when starting and maintaining a business. We chose VEZOLVE because that’s what we do: we solve problems, and the name stuck. The voyage thus far has been worthwhile, and we eagerly anticipate the road ahead.

A little about us

VEZOLVE creates and develops cutting-edge digital solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We will help you automate daily business operations and boost productivity and profitability in your company by combining our expertise and experience with the extremely intelligent products we create. 


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With the exceptional rating of 4.5 and we are constantly improving too

The Vision

To become the market leader in business solutions and a competitive brand in custom software development for the medical, financial, educational, and logistics industries. 

The Mission

To deliver high-quality, low-cost business solutions to handle all of an organization’s processes, including accounting, inventory management, CRM, and human resource management. VEZOLVE takes pleasure in having a great team of seasoned developers. Understanding our clients’ needs and offering them high-quality, low-cost business solutions they require to flourish all while offering a variety of bespoke software and the capability of developing custom software for the market. 

Our Values

We take pride in having a functioning moral compass. The desire to comprehend the distinction between good and wrong, as well as what we can and cannot accomplish. We learned that we are strongly customercentric and that our approach to everything is based around you and your requirements on our journey to change the world and, as a result, change how we work. Our crew is talented and experienced in executing your wishes, and we’ve learned that feedback is always beneficial because it allows us to improve. We’ve also realized the necessity of creating a positive and supportive workplace for our employees, where they can be themselves while also giving us their all. These are the principles that guide us. These are the principles that define us. This is VEZOLVE. 


Our team is ideally qualified to assist you in all aspects, with a combined and total 15 years of knowledge and experience.


Creating unique digital solutions that grow with your business.


Personalized customer service tailored to your needs.


Unique, intuitive, and user-friendly solutions that perform well for everyone

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For starters, we aren’t exactly a team. That’s not the case. It’s a close-knit tribe from all walks of life. Our main mission is to bring together a diverse set of abilities, experience, and expertise in order to reach the overarching goal, which is to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Every minute of the day, we are a collection of innovators, hurdle jumpers, and limit demolishers, locked in and poised to draw a line in the sand. 

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Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of a dynamic, fresh, and brave group of individuals? Do you want to smack the status quo in the face and make a difference? Well, here’s your opportunity! 

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    Don’t just stand or sit there, though. Please contact us and let us to do what we do best!