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Every VEZOLVE product has been meticulously created by understanding your pain spots in order to ensure you get the best value for your money and optimize your business’s potential. Our accounting, project management, customer management, and employee recruitment services can help your business grow! 

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    The Accounting platform
    Your whole business will love

    Activebooks is your one stop shop Accounting platform that takes full control of your business, updates your daily transactions, manages your business’s cash flow and analyzes your financial reports. It is the solution your Accounts staff will embrace positively because of how user-friendly they will find it.

    Best Features:

    • Track Invoices and receivables 

    Comprises of comprehensive features to track and manage your accounts receivable efficiently with utmost credit control management utilities. Smooth reconciliation of control accounts and sales using structured traceability to transactions. 


    • Manage customer receipts from multiple sources 

    Allows to maintain unlimited payment modes and automatic matching capability. Management of exchange gain / loss realization real time with a unique feature for payment reconciliation purpose in case of setting of debits against credits when required. The feature of handling transactions with multi-currencies enhances the value of this product as well 


    • In-built report templates for efficient receivable management 

    System comes with in-built reports to manage your business. All reports are highly configurable and users could make adjustments on their own. The extra-ordinary aspects of the system includes the ability  to schedule distribution of reports report and the user-friendly structure layouts allowing the users to use them instantly 


    • Track Expenses and G/L Transactions 

    The expense and related journals could be tracked at different cost center levels allowing the complete record of all transactions. 


    • Manage sales and purchase tax according to your local legislation 

    The tax bases can be setup in customer / supplier / item level allowing complicated taxes to be managed using simply configurable formulas 


    • Manage financial statements with effortless generation 

    Customers can enjoy monitoring the business from various perspectives as the commonly used financial statements such as income statement, balance sheet and trial balances could be generated in line with the organization chart of accounts 


    • Managing Accounts payable and purchasing 

    The suppliers could be maintained and the related liability / settlements could be tracked against them. The credit facilities and payment terms could be effectively managed. 

    The CRM platform
    Your whole business will love

    A Customer Relationship and Project Management software second to none, SalesgenCRM lets you communicate with your leads and collaborate wwith your customers while managing your business in one space.


    Best Features:

    The Accounting platform
    Your whole business will love

    An extended version of Activebooks, PurpleERP is an Accounting Platform that enables simple, secure and scalable solutions with the click of a button.

    Best Features: 

    The HR platform
    Your whole business will love

    If you thought you will never find the people management system your whole business will love, put those fears to rest. From managing employee databases to tracking the payroll system VEZOLVE’s almost perfect People Management System PurpleHCM lets you manage employees from your seat.

    Best Features:

    The Intergration platform
    Your whole business will love

    An Integration platform hard not to love, OneDock understands that every retailer has different systems to navigate. But that it does not mean multiple logins and manual entries are required. OneDock is a simple and quick process platform that revolutionizes your business.

    Best Features:

    The platforms we use create tremendous value for our clients – especially when we’ve extended, enhanced, or configured those platforms specifically for your industry.

    20+ Countries

    Customers in over 20 countries growing there businesses with our trusted products

    Many Solutions

    Unified business management application , encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce for more than 50+ customers


    Whether serving any sectors including public and private, our goal is to help our clients achieve their ambitions.

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    We believe in working together to achieve our goals. Let us assist you in managing your technical and business elements so that you can build your firm without difficulty. 

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